This Studio explored the evolving nature of the labour market and the new jobs, by understanding the behaviour of the present professionals/workers and their environment, by designing services that can provide training, start-up acceleration or knowledge/operative support for the new jobs and the career of people.
The course started from an analysis of 12 societal needs emerged from a European consultation of more than 1000 citizens about the future of Europe (CIMULACT, 2016): these needs were the beginning of a reflection on how the labour market must change in order to provide the citizens with proper answers to their contemporary needs.
The studio trained students to conduct both desk and on-field research, to conceive a concept of a new service, to develop it through a service design method and to co-design it with different stakeholders. It integrated contributes from different areas of design such as Design for Services, Anthropology Design and Communication Design, in order to provide participants with a comprehensive experience of designing a service.
The studio, finally, worked in close relation with different partners that testified the current evolution of the job context in the city of Milano.

Professors: Anna Meroni, Daniela Selloni, Stefana Broadbent
Tutors: Martina Rossi, Serena Leonardi

Partners: BASE, Cohub Milano, Fondazione Giannino Bassetti, Cariplo Factory, Digital Accademia, Vodafone




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