Citizen and multi-actor consultation on Horizon 2020

CIMULACT is a EU funded project having as a main objective to engage citizens and stakeholders in the co-creation of the European Research and Innovation agenda based on real, validated and shared visions, needs and demands.

The project does so by having more than 1000 citizens in 30 countries in Europe to formulate their visions for desirable sustainable futures, to debate and develop them with other actors, such as scientists and policy makers, and to transform them into recommendations for future research and innovation policies and topics.

The project explores a variety of methods in order to test and inspire the research community with a broad range of options for citizen and multi-actor engagement in research and innovation priority setting. Furthermore, the diversity of methods also allows targeting different societal groups, enriching the feedback and validation of the research programme scenarios from a wide range of societal perspectives.

We brought to CIMULACT our specific design thinking approach, applying scenario building methodologies and co-design tools.