Service Design and Human Resources

The theme of PSSD Studio 2019 course of the international class of Product Service System Design regards the design of services and solutions to improve the working life of people engaged in different types of organisations. In the last decades Service Design has caught the attention of stakeholders in various areas of organisations. R&D, Marketing […]

A Resilient City

The theme of the PSSD Studio 2018 was Urban Resilience. The 100 Resilient Cities project pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation defines urban resilience as “the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems within a city to survive, adapt, and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience”. In the […]

City Service Hubs

This Studio was dedicated to the design of spaces of citizen engagement  – which were called City Service Hubs  (CSH). The aim of the Hubs is to offer an innovative mix of public and private services, focusing on specific areas of need : food, health, family, sport, housing, energy, environment, work, production, tourism, culture and education. The City […]

Job Design

This Studio explored the evolving nature of the labour market and the new jobs, by understanding the behaviour of the present professionals/workers and their environment, by designing services that can provide training, start-up acceleration or knowledge/operative support for the new jobs and the career of people. The course started from an analysis of 12 societal […]