This Studio was dedicated to the design of spaces of citizen engagement  – which were called City Service Hubs  (CSH). The aim of the Hubs is to offer an innovative mix of public and private services, focusing on specific areas of need : food, health, family, sport, housing, energy, environment, work, production, tourism, culture and education. The City Service Hubs are physical spaces made to house activities of co-design and co-production of services.

CSH are expected to become a new type of urban localities, both unique and scalable, different from traditional curbside retailers, something in between new “shops” and service factories.
The studio trained students to conduct both desk and on-field research, to conceive a concept of a new service, to develop it through a service design method and to co-design it with different stakeholders. It integrated contributes from different areas of design such as Design for Services, Anthropology Design and Communication Design, in order to provide participants with a comprehensive experience of designing a service.

The studio, finally, worked in close relation with different partners that testified the current thinking around citizen engagement and the emergence of this kind of places.

Professors: Anna MeroniDaniela Selloni, Stefana Broadbent
Tutors: Martina Rossi, Susanna De Besi

Partners: BASE Milano, Mare Culturale Urbano, Comune di Milano, Cohub Milano, FutureGov, HousingLab, L’Hub, Urbanfile


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