Recovery.Net is an action research project funded by Cariplo Foundation working toward a Recovery oriented and community-based psychiatry in the East of Lombardy region in Italy. Partners with different roles and mission in mental health and public services joined together to design a project that could bring on the same ground recovery and ways of collaborative working among users and services aiming to test a pathway toward the transformation of the current practices.

In line with a Recovery vision the project has adopted the ideal of working in a collaborative manner as a way to challenge current power dynamics and modes of service design and delivery, and to give voice to the different actors involved, patients and relatives included.

The Service Design effort has been focused on the activation of 3 local laboratories (Recovery Co-Labs) outside the institutional services, intended as both physical and social spaces with the threefold aim to help innovating services, supporting social inclusion and co-creating with the territory. Politecnico di Milano design research team is facilitating this ongoing development, following a three-stages co-design process: 1) the transversal search for a hybrid model of innovation lab; 2) collaborative field work to contextualise each co-lab; 3) a collaborative design process to move from general scenarios to local plans facilitating co-design workshops in each location.