How much is important the bond with your city? How can we contribute in writing a future? In attempt to answer these questions, the citizens of the city of Ivrea (a town in in the Piedmont region), riunited in the spaces of Zac! (Zone Attive di Cittadinanza), were called to trace together an alternative world where they could develop possible narrative scenarios. By imagining stories, characters and future events, citizens have joined into a journey between past and present, tracing personal memories and ties with the city, facing challenges and unexpected events until reaching a choral epilogue.

The activity is part of the research project ” Tango-Down Athena, Il teatro come hackeraggio del mito urbano “, coordinated by the POLIMI DESIS Lab of the Design Department – Politecnico di Milano, in partnership with the association Associazione CRAFT – Centro Ricerca Arte e Formazione Teatro di Asti. The project was carried out with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo within the “ORA! Produzioni di cultura contemporanea” call.