Art and Design in Nolo Social District

54 students of the master’s degree in Interior Design from the Politecnico di Milano have collaborated with 12 artists in 12 places of NoLo District investigating, imagining and experimenting with spaces in support of the neighborhood. The result was a traveling event on 9, 10 and 11 June 2017 that showcased works of art in unconventional contexts: commercial activities, residual public places, spaces of creativity. The projects highlighted a renewed perception of this area by enhancing its emerging qualities and have been developed also in collaboration with NoLo Creative District and with Polimi DESIS Lab through a process of participatory research and co-planning.
During the days of the event it was possible to (re)discover the neighborhood with “GiraNolo”, a guided tour by a group of inhabitants of the Nolo Social District in places of architectural and artistic interest.